Independence through Interdependence

CareBank: The Power of PeerCare in the Palms of Our Hands!

"Now is the time to care selflessly about one another."

Dr. Anthony Fauci

Mission: The CareBank Project

A PeerCare Platform Connecting Elders for the Pandemic and Aftermath

Because we take better care of ourselves by taking good care of each other.

CareBank Platform & Pilot Project

CareBank App displaying 5 members of a CareWheel, one of whom shows a red alert.

CareBank App

Connects elders to their local PeerCare network by sharing sensor-based alerts.

Sensor showing the Elder-ready battery design

ElderReady Sensor

Detects problems before they become crises to help empower PeerCare.

CareBank Server Diagram, showing Sensor and Payment Data processing functions

CareBank Server

Integrates TeleCare with a TimeBank to connect and reward elders for PeerCare.

CareWheels Mandala, surrounded by Elders connected together to provide mutual care

Elder Pilot Project

Demonstrates the mutual monitoring and first response PeerCare services.

CES 2021 Interview with Founder Claude Goodman

National Academy of Medicine Healthy Longevity Article

Key Concepts:

What is PeerCare?

PeerCare is a model of peer support in which the people are connected into peer-to-peer care circles. Elders and people of all ages living with disabilities can become community assets who are capable of expanding the care workforce to meet the needs of our aging population. PeerCare engages elders to positively impact their longevity and social determinants of health by expanding their social support networks to tackle loneliness and promote relationships based on mutual aid, trust and camaraderie. It provides social incentives that improve healthy behaviors like diet and medication adherence to reduce suffering, preventable disease, emergency room and hospital admissions.

What is TeleCare?

TeleCare is the use of technologies such as remote monitoring and emergency alerts to enable elders and people of all ages living with disabilities and chronic conditions to receive care at home so that they can live independently.

What is a TimeBank?

A TimeBank is a method of social networking based on the mutual exchange of human capital assets. Compensation is provided using time credits deposited into people’s TimeBank accounts. TimeBanking engages reciprocity as people exchange services to meet their social and health needs through mutual aid activities that improve mental and physical health by addressing the social determinants of health.

What is the CareBank?

The CareBank integrates TeleCare with a TimeBank into a PeerCare Platform that rewards mutual aid through service exchanges between people to help them help each other live interdependently and age-in-place safely. The CareBank App connects people to exchange PeerCare by providing real-time alerts and automatic time credits for mutual monitoring and response services. It empowers people to help save lives by detecting problems before they become emergencies, and money, by rewarding people with time credits for providing PeerCare services from the comfort of home.